Meet The Team

Nicholas McGirr

Owner/Lead Investigator/Podcast Host/Blog Writer

Nicholas has a passion for researching the paranormal and diving into the history behind the Interactive Ghost Hunting Experiences. This is the inspiration for his fiction works along with his research/study into the paranormal for the blog posts and podcast, Stories in the Cemetery.


April McGirr

Graphic Designer/Photographer/Media Specialist

April’s degrees in Graphic Design and Photography make her a perfect addition to the team. She assists in analyzing paranormal photos and video and created the Stories in the Cemetery logo. April consults the team on all marketing pieces, including social media, website, and print media.


Amy Smart

Podcast Co-Host/Paranormal Investigator

Amy is a member of the South Carolina Paranormal Research and Investigations (SCPRAI) Team and brings a great insight into the many investigation methods used during an investigation. As Co-Host to the Stories in the Cemetery podcast, her insight and experience show listeners that ghost hunting doesn’t always have to be a scary activity. The conversations held and Amy’s research skills are a perfect match for the team.


Brian McFarland

Historian/Consultant to Stories in the Cemetery

Brian McFarland assisted in getting Stories in the Cemetery off the ground with his tour company, Charleston Cavalier Tours. A visionary, Brian adds a unique perspective to assisting Stories in the Cemetery not only in the tourism business, but with his historical knowledge of the city of Charleston. Though Charleston Cavalier Tours and Stories in the Cemetery have separated, both companies have kept an active relationship supporting one another.


Carl Ray


Carl Ray, the psychic and consultant to Stories in the Cemetery investigations during the early stages, has been an absolutely amazing addition to the team. Carl Ray reads Tarot with a flare unlike any other, sharing positivity and love into every reading. Be sure to check out his website and Facebook Live sessions from his Facebook page below.

Website: Psychic Medium Carl Ray

Facebook: @carlraypm

Sandi Walter

November 11, 1964–April 22, 2023
Psychic/Medium, Life Coach

Sadly, Sandi has passed on to consult us and help deliver messages through her own Angel Cards.

Our long discussions with Sandi, the laughter we shared and the love we felt from Sandi are already sorely missed. Sandi was a “take no bullshit” kind of lady and was respected not only for her honesty and true human nature she brought to her field, but also as a loved member of our team.

Sandi’s bio:

Sandi Walter has been practicing metaphysical healings and modalities for the past 30 years. New York, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina have been her primary states of focus. Her services offered are Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Healing, Chakra Clearing and Past Life Retrievals. She also offers three different card readings including Tarot, Soul Cards, and Angel Cards. She tailor makes each private session for each client according to their spiritual needs.

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