Let’s Go Ghost Hunting!

The Equipment You’ll Use During Your Investigation Phasm Camera made by Ghost Stop The Phasm Cam made by Ghost Stop is an amazing, powerful little Infrared Camera with four IR lights built in. This is coupled with 6 more IR…

Stories in the Cemetery Podcast and Blog

Here you’ll find a full library of paranormal investigations done by Nicholas McGirr. You can listen to the podcast from here, or choose your favorite podcatcher like Spotify or iTunes. All show notes for each episode are packed with paranormal evidence. Scroll down to find investigations by state.

Types of Hauntings

Amy and Nick take a deeper look into six different types of hauntings: Orbs, Apparitions & Ectoplasmic Entities, Intelligent Spirits, Malevolent Spirits, Residual Hauntings, and Poltergeists.

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