Let’s Go Ghost Hunting!

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The Equipment You’ll Use During Your Investigation
Onvoy by Ghost Stop
Onvoy by Ghost Stop

We are excited to add the Onvoy to our arsenal of paranormal investigation tools. This device has shipped and should be ready to use on the Interactive Ghost Hunting Experiences by Monday, August 1, 2022.

This device will provide specific and direct answers to questions through spelling of specific terms for conveyed messaging. Watch the video above to see the operation of this powerful little device.

Phasm Camera made by Ghost Stop

The Phasm Cam made by Ghost Stop is an amazing, powerful little Infrared Camera with four IR lights built in. This is coupled with 6 more IR lights to ensure full IR coverage of spaces investigated.

FLIR Pro One Thermal Imaging Camera

Using a professional grade thermal imaging camera, you’ll have the greatest possibility of capturing cold spots along your investigation.

Spirit Boxes

Multiple styles of spirit boxes are used in each investigation. Each has their own style, methods and function. The best way to communicate with the dead is to give them every opportunity to speak their voice.

EMF Detectors

Different styles of EMF Meters are used during your investigation to check for accuracy. The Mel Meter triple serves as an EMF Meter, Ambient thermometer to verify cold spots and REM pod to detect close range motion.


Lasers help us to see motion from the spirits around us. Accompanying the IR Camera, we’re able to detect any motion that might be happening during your investigation.

Welcome to Stories in the Cemetery, an Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience. This is no ordinary walking “tour” of Charleston. On your experience, you will learn to use true paranormal tools to discover paranormal activity around one of the most haunted cities in America.

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