Let’s Go Ghost Hunting!

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Welcome to Stories in the Cemetery, an Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience. This is not a ghost tour. On your experience, you will learn to use true paranormal tools to discover paranormal activity around one of the most haunted cities in America.

Let’s go Ghost Hunting
The Equipment You’ll Use During Your Investigation
Spirit Boxes

EMF Detectors

ESTES Method Session with teams of 4 or more using spirit boxes, VR Headset and the SEER App.

With an additional sensory additive of visuals created by AI using Virtual Reality and stimuli from haunted spaces!

Real images caught during our Sensory Stimulation/Deprivation Experiments!

Our Resellers

4.9 Ghost Review

264 Reviews

Reviewed by: Blair Seck, September 21, 2023
Always a fun and fascinating experience. Part history, part science, part ghost story!

5.0 Ghost Review

223 Reviews

Exciting and eerie ghost hunting experience

Viator review: Paranormal Investigation: YOU are the Ghost Hunter

I did this fun event with my 13 yr old daughter. Both of use were very pleased with the event. Nick provided us with the necessary background on all the sites we visited and expertly explained all the equipment we used on our adventure. It was a wonderful adventure and exciting to be able to be a paranormal investigator for the night. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest or looking for a fun, interactive, new experience. Nick is amazing and passionate about his profession and it really shows in his communication and interaction with his clients.

5.0 Ghost Review

97 Reviews

Review by Liz September 25, 2023

Nick was the perfect ghost hunting tour guide! He is very knowledgeable of the history of the locations and teaching newbies what the equipment does and how to use it. Was a very cool experience to actually be a part of the ghost hunting experience and not just hear “stories”. A very fun activity if you’re looking to try something different and unique to do in Charleston.

Available by request and subject to available dates. This is a more intense investigation exploring the different methods of ITC devices and spirit boxes. You will also participate in an ESTES Method session with Sensory Deprivation; blindfolds and noise cancelling headphones provided.

Visit the Spirit Box Boot Camp page to learn more.

Private Investigation Tours

We also provide private tours. Minimum number of investigators varies based on seasonality and day of the week. Use the “Let’s Go Ghost Hunting” Chat box below to learn more about booking a private tour.

Location Investigations

Do you own a business in the Charleston area that has had paranormal events? I’d love to hear from you and walk you through a full investigation. Email me at storiesinthecemetery@gmail.com. You’ll find that our research isn’t full of myths and legends, but rather discovers (and debunks) the explanation behind the events.

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