Stories in the Cemetery

Category: Paranormal Studies

The Estes Method: a quick study for the validity of this technique

This article discusses The Estes Method, measuring results and new enhancements that have recently been amended to these sessions.

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Effects of the Moon on Paranormal Activity: A Full Study of 110 Investigations

This is a Paranormal Study of 110 Investigations and the moon phases during those investigations. Using the SITC Scoring System, we put the “full moon” myth to the test and come up with real answers.

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Lodge Alley and The Stone Tape Theory

We take a look into the Stone Tape Theory using a Charleston location as part of the field study.

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Types of Hauntings

Amy and Nick take a deeper look into six different types of hauntings: Orbs, Apparitions & Ectoplasmic Entities, Intelligent Spirits, Malevolent Spirits, Residual Hauntings, and Poltergeists.

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