Know Your Craft as a Paranormal Investigator

Online Lessons via Teachable

Stories in the Cemetery Paranormal Research School

Learn at your own pace!

Train your entire team using the same terminology.

Multiple devices covered.

Terminology and Methodology explained.

Acronyms taught with quizzes with each lesson.

Nicholas McGirr has been in the paranormal field for over ten years. In the last three years, he has spent thousands of hours teaching tourists, locals, amateur investigators and lead investigators different methods to use with their equipment, identifying hauntings and analyzing data.

And now he’s bringing that knowledge to you and your team.

Nicholas holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has spent most of his college years researching and analyzing paranormal activity using different instruments and methodology.

What You’ll Learn:

– Spirit Boxes and ITC Devices
– Paranormal Cameras (coming soon!)
– Methodology & Terminology

Nicholas McGirr
Owner/Lead Investigator


Imagine, lead investigators if you and your team all communicated using the same terminology and understood all devices to be used in an investigation without any training in the field.

That is the vision we are aiming for with this school of paranormal research. Allow me to train your teams so you can focus on researching through the data and media of your investigations.

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