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Here on this page, you can find the end results of my ghost hunting experiences since they have inspired all of my published works. Even though I write fiction, know that each book is inspired by true events of diving deeper into the paranormal world and looking for answers to the afterlife.

Non-Fiction Work

Introducing the SITC Scoring System! If you’ve been part of our Interactive Ghost Hunting Experiences, you know that we rate every investigation for comparison to others. We decided to share our thousands of hours in the field with other paranormal investigators by publishing this First Edition Paranormal Investigation Workbook.

It’s one thing to capture an EVP or an orb, but what if you could measure the results of your investigation or experience? That’s the question we had in mind when developing this workbook.

This workbook will walk you through all your equipment, step by step, with a scoring system to calculate exactly how active your location and investigative skills were. This workbook’s capacity is for twelve paranormal investigations for comparison to each other and year after year.

If you decide to take your investigation a step further by sending us your worksheets, we’ll upload them right here to our website giving full recognition to your team’s hard work and amazing finds! We’re aiming to not just be experts in the field, but to get some answers to what has been asked for thousands of years: what happens to us in the afterlife?

Take your investigations a step in the right direction by using this workbook with the SITC Scoring System. Like the ESTES Method, our SITC Scoring System will place a new landmark to paranormal investigations.

This title is currently only available on Amazon.

Fiction Work

You can find all my works on amazon.com, but if you want signed copies, this is the place to be! And if you order a copy of Byron, it comes Pawtographed!!


Byron by Nick Knight

Each copy is $15 and comes autographed by the author and “pawtographed” by Byron himself.


Byron by Nick Knight $15 Signed/Pawtographed copy

Rick Montgomery attempted suicide one last time and failed. His life then takes a turn when he meets Julie at a dog park. As Julie begins to fall for Rick, they also become best friends. Julie gets him a dappled dachshund to help with his suicidal tendencies. Rick names his dog Byron and they soon realize that Byron is Rick’s spirit animal that allows him to visit the afterlife.
Meanwhile, Julie’s daughter, Amelia is away at college struggling with her childhood disappearance that left her parents divorced and questioned unanswered. Can Rick pick up the missing pieces of Amelia’s missing childhood with his abilities to visit the afterlife? Find out how Byron changed all their lives in this supernatural fantasy.



Book One: Growing Dim by Nicholas McGirr $10 Signed Copy

Crossman McKnight is the drummer for the band, The Growing Dim Project. What he doesn’t realize is that by piecing this band together he is bound to the Fates to take over the throne to the Underworld. As Crossman begins to realize that Greek Mythology characters are real entities, The Shade is plotting to pass the robe to Crossman to reign the Underworld. Crossman’s adventures with Lenny and Jessica will show him that he should’ve believed that reality is what was taught as myth.

Growing Dim Cover

This is a Greek Mythology tale for adolescents to adults.

“Great character development. Written from many characters points of view, without being confusing. Was a great way to meet each character.” –from Amazon Reviews

Book One: Growing Dim



Book Two: Book of Joel by Nicholas McGirr $10.99 Signed Copy

As Crossman takes on his new role in the Afterworld, he makes his first enemy, Satantho. Crossman realizes he needs to build a new cabinet and finds Joel, a jazz radio station owner. Joel lives a normal life on earth, going to work every day managing his radio station. Joel discovers Jessica, Crossman’s love on earth, during an interview and hires her right away. Jessica awakens Joel’s abilities and then is caught in a deep trance where she enters Satantho’s grasp in the pits of Hell. Can Joel save her? Will Joel’s abilities be enough to be part of Crossman’s new Cabinet?

Joel and Crossman now need to band together to save Jessica from Satantho’s rule. It could mean the end of both worlds, earth and the Afterworld as Satantho is looking to start a war. The War of Eyes is underway, but Crossman has other plans.

Read Book of Joel, as Crossman’s adventures as a ruler of the Afterworld unfold in this next exciting chapter of the afterlife.

Book of Joel Front

“Second book in the series. I liked seeing what happens to Cross and Jessica. And the introduction of new characters. Can’t wait to read the final book!” –from Amazon Reviews.

Book Two: Book of Joel


The Life Tree by Nicholas McGirr $5 Signed Copy

No signs of the Maker. There’s no crash of cymbals as I make my entrance. No Muses or orchestrated choir and strings to announce my presence. There’s no sign of religion.
No sensations of sound or smell. No feelings of remorse, loss, happiness or fear. There’s just me inside this random nothingness. There’s no color, nor light, nor darkness. I feel my own presence but unsure if it exists. I am here, but not. This is not Heaven, Hell or any Purgatory. This is an afterlife and I cannot remember how I arrived.

The Life Tree


The Umbrella Tree by Nicholas McGirr $5 Signed Copy

“Make me a tree for all I care.”

Let me elaborate just a bit on this judgment. Whatever you think “death” is and the transition into all things holy at the pearly gates is somewhat a crock. Shocker, right? Actual souls floating around like orbs in a vastness that can’t be explained. For each one of us, it’s different. I, for example, see things in a very open space. But I move slowly, probably because of my drunken stupor in life. Others have told me that the faster you can move about, the more your surroundings take shape

The Umbrella Tree


The Rhythm Tree by Nicholas McGirr $5 Signed Copy

Bigby lives in the afterlife as a giant oak tree. In life, he was an overweight street musician raised by his voodoo queen grandmother and an uncle that took him in after losinig his mother. In the streets of N’Orleans, Bigby learns what it means to have friends and connections, for when his uncle and grandmother mysteriously disappear, Bigby finds he is being looked after by the voodoo community. He is showered with gifts of food, food and more food as he grows up alone in N’Orleans. Becoming overweight through adolescence, Bigby trades up his trumpet playing for the trombone, just to keep the music alive within. After Hurricane Katrina takes Bigby’s life, he is left oblivious to the community and following that his voodoo grandmother and Uncle created and is left with the memories of a happy life. Ignorance is more than bliss for Bigby in the afterlife.

The Rhythm Tree


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