Tour Data/Evidence June 2023

Stories in the Cemetery Podcast

Huge Announcements! Really Cool Stuff in Here!! Stories in the Cemetery

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  1. Huge Announcements! Really Cool Stuff in Here!!
  2. E42: The Stone Tape Theory and Lodge Alley
  3. A Few Announcements
  4. E41: Types of Hauntings with BONUS Audio
  5. E40: St. Augustine Lighthouse; St. Augustine, Florida
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Prominent Dates in May Relative to Locations From Your Investigation
  • June, 1747: no specific dates. The birth and death of George Lucas Pinckney.
  • June 6, 1877. Poogan’s Porch. The birthday of Zoe St. Amand’s sister, Elizabeth Patrick St. Amand.
  • June 16, 1888: The death of Sue Howard Hardy. 2023 is the 135th anniversary of her death.
Most Active/Noteworthy Investigation Dates
Data/Evidence from June 2023
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