Can Dogs See Spirits?

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Okay, we’ve all seen a dog or a cat or any pet for that matter, interact with something that we cannot see or interact with ourselves. Go ahead, Google “dogs see spirits”, you’ll discover tons of videos and articles about dogs jumping at nothing, barking at nothing and being scared at nothing. What if it was nothing at all, or what if, the more logical explanation is that our pets can see things on a different plane? Let’s put this in perspective, shall we?

So, what about this topic piqued my curiosity enough to write about it? Let’s start with my childhood bestie: Toby. Toby was an English Springer Spaniel, his colors were liver and white. He was a gorgeous and obedient companion. He was my best friend growing up, but Toby showed me a thing or two about old houses. The house I grew up in was built in 1917. It wasn’t very large, and my folks’ restricted Toby’s access around the house. He was allowed in the downstairs area, but not on the furniture. And never, absolutely never was Toby to be upstairs in the bedrooms! Needless to say, when my folks weren’t home, Toby was hanging out with me playing video games in my bedroom; he was upstairs.

Toby loved being around me and my siblings, especially me. I spent the most time with him being a nerdy kid who loved books and not so much other people. Toby would follow me anywhere except into my parent’s bedroom. My furry friend would stop at the threshold every time. His favorite treats and me calling him wouldn’t even bring him inside that room. Not only would he sit at the threshold, but he kept a low growl the entire time I would be inside that bedroom.

What was it that Toby saw that I didn’t? I have no idea and I may never know. The fact is that there was no way of getting that canine into that room, no matter what you did.

These days, you might already know, I have a new furry companion. His name is Byron and he’s a dachshund. He’s adorable, you should follow his Facebook page. My wife and I have had Byron since he was 8 weeks old. He’s more than obedient, he’s a model citizen most of the time. He’s protective of both April and I and well, his favorite thing is doing all he can to protect the two of us against 5 pound chihuahuas and the occasional pizza delivery guy

On more than one occasion, Byron has awakened in the middle of the night to bark from the edge of the bed into the night air. Shaking and fur sticking up on end, Byron is ready to take on whatever is lurking in our apartment.

Granted, this could be debunked by us living in an apartment filled with neighbors and thin windows. But the fact is, it’s usually pretty quiet in the dead of night around here. He’s done this on more than one occasion and sometimes in the middle of the day.

Whatever it is that dogs see, I wanted to look into it, it sounded interesting. The rumor around the world is that dogs see in black and white. Bullshit.

When diving into this, apparently, there’s more to it. We humans have the ability to see many different colors, more than dogs. We have trichromatic vision which allows us to see the many shades of red, blue and yellow, whereas dogs have dichromatic vision only allowing them to see blues and yellows. Interesting thought, but I took it one further…

I downloaded an app that shows the difference in these -chromatic visions and I found it fascinating. There are tons of apps in your app store, I’m not promoting any of them, so find the best one for you. This got me thinking about what dogs see and I played around with it around my apartment.

I also came to find out that dog’s vision for distance or depth perception isn’t as strong as ours, however they can see a much wider angle than we can. So, perhaps in the distance, to a dog, things/people are blurry and therefore could seem like an disembodied spirit of some sort, at least until that thing/person came into view. This might especially be true if that person was wearing red, a color that a dog cannot see.

Overall, I still think that dogs have extra-sensitivity to things we don’t. Their hearing is impeccable, as well as their sense of smell. So, why wouldn’t their eyesight be stronger than ours? Hmm…

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. I believe that it is a great possibility that our furry companions can sense and/or see another plane based on their other senses. We have the science of what their eyes are made of, but can we truly emulate their sight? I don’t think we can, at least not yet.

This week’s book sponsor is Byron, for obvious reasons. In the book, I gave Byron the ability to see the disembodied spirit of his owner who is then thrusted into the afterlife. Byron has supernatural powers in the book, but what if my fictional theory was true and your lapdog could send you to unknown spiritual places to learn more about life and love? And oh, by the way, that’s Byron’s picture you clicked on to get to this post, so maybe you should check out his book…..Amazon page for Byron by Nick Knight.

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