Three books to study Cartomancy

The books listed below are three of MY favorite books to use when I’m diving into Cartomancy, the reading of playing cards as oracle cards. You can check out the podcast episode on this week’s topic here: Stories in the Cemetery.

I’ve posted on this topic before, so in case you missed it: Cartomancy.

I’ve added Amazon links for you to check out the books for yourself and if you use the links to make a purchase, you’ll be helping out Stories in the Cemetery.

Playing Cards: Predicting your Future by Hali Morag

This is an excellent book for the basics of Cartomancy. The book explains the meaning of the cards as well as gives you beginning spreads to work with. For those just starting to dive into Cartomancy, this is a must-have; it’s inexpensive and is full of great information.

The Giant Book of Card Divination: 130 New and Traditional Techniques by Jeanne Ruland

This is a great accompaniment to Morag’s book listed above or to go with the Camp’s book listed below. The pages provide enough spreads for all aspects of your life and will give you detailed layouts with illustrations as to how your spread should look. A detailed view into your life along with how to read each card in its position is how this book can accelerate your insight into Cartomancy.

Destiny Cards by Robert Camp

Once you feel comfortable taking the plunge into the complexity of playing cards, their meanings, and how they can help you, this is the book you’ll need. A very detailed insight into your birth card and how the zodiac and planet alignment helps determine your destiny. The cards, once the methods are understood, are a great way to look into short and long timespans of your life based on your birth card. This book comes highly recommended.

More than just a blog

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You can hear the full episodes of Hillbilly Horror Stories on your favorite podcatcher (segmented interview posted here taken from Episode 246: The Unexplained with permission from the Hillbilly Horror Stories podcast).  You can check out all the ghost hunting gear we use for the Interactive Ghost Hunting Experiences at GhostStop.com.  To schedule an Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience with the host of the podcast, visit https://storiesinthecemetery.com/lets-go-ghost-hunting/ — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/storiesinthecemetery/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/storiesinthecemetery/support
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