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So, you’ve taken a Stories in the Cemetery Ghost Hunting tour with me and you were curious about the equipment you used. I don’t blame you! I often get asked about the cost of the gadgets and how to find them. You’ll find the answers to the cost of each item and an Amazon link to each one below.

Click the picture of the item you are interested in and it will take you to Amazon directly. Yes, these are affiliate links and I will earn a portion of your purchase. My intention was not to take advantage of my affiliation with Amazon, but to answer some commonly asked questions about my equipment and the future of my equipment.

The K-II EMF Meter

This is the EMF (electromagnetic field) meter that I am currently using in my tours. If you are looking for an affordable EMF meter for simple and accurate readings, this is your best choice.

This meter typically runs $59.99


The Etekcity Infrared Thermometer gives you a great base reading of the location you are looking to investigate. With conjunction with other thermometers, this is a great tool in your ghost hunting kit.
This infrared thermometer typically runs $19.99

This Mengshen Psychrometer measures both humidity and ambient temperature. For tips on how to use this necessary gadget for ghost hunting, be sure to read my blog post on Thermometers.
This psychrometer typically runs $24.99

The P-SB7 Spirit Box

This is the P-SB7 Spirit Box that I use on my Stories in the Cemetery tours. This bundle comes with a ball speaker and flashlight. For the most cost effective spirit box to start your ghost hunting kit, this is by far the most popular choice.
The S-SB7 Spirit Box typically runs $69.99

Grid Pen

This handy little tool is perfect for investigating any type of location and can be used in many different ways. Generally, it can be used to detect shadows or any disturbances in the framework of the laser grid. This can depict an anomaly that humans cannot see with the naked eye as well as shadow figures. I usually use some sort of smoke to sample what can be seen before an investigation. The smoke through the laser grid will display streaks of light whereas a shadow will “bend” the grid.
A standard grid pen runs $19.99

Voice Recorder

I use an Olympus voice recorder (Model VN-541-PC) for several reasons. This particular model has a user-friendly interface and can easily upload audio to a computer for analyzing any potential EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon). I also chose this model because of it’s size; it is small enough to fit into any pocket to keep my hands free to investigate with other tools. Though this is my preferred model, voice recorders of all types have many different uses and versatilities.

This particular voice recorder runs about $39.99

The S-Box with built-in Speaker and EVP Digital Recorder

This spirit box isn’t necessarily an “upgrade” as it is an accompaniment to the P-SB7 listed above. With the integrated EVP recorder, it gives versatility when there are multiple ghost enthusiasts in your party. Also, there are no attachments needed (like an external speaker) when using this in the field. Other features include a mini flashlight and internal recording with a micro SD card slot. This is one handy device!

This spirit box runs $89.99


Flir One GEN 3 Thermal Imaging Camera attachment

This amazing little doo-dad comes available for both android and Apple devices. It records full thermal imaging video with expanded audio for listening for EVP’s while watching your videos. This is an amazing addition to my ghost hunting kit and I highly recommend it. For cost efficiency and accurate readings, you cannot go wrong with the Flir One. The average cost of this camera is $199

FujiFilm XP130 Digital Camera

This waterproof and shock proof camera with rechargeable battery is perfect for ghost hunting in unreliable weather conditions. For Stories in the Cemetery Ghost Hunting Experiences, this camera is easy to use, can take on heavy rain and will continue snapping ghosts even after dropped. Then you can take it swimming with you and take some pictures underwater, super cool feature. This camera averages about $119.

SB1 Grid Box by Ghost Stop


Unlike the grid pen above, this grid box has a toggle switch for on/off functionality, essentially helping to keep your hands free. It provides a red squared grid which if used effectively, you can capture photos of your caught apparitions and then upload them to 3D software to see the full apparition in detail. This grid box is made by the folks at Ghost Stop and runs $89.95

Basic Ghost Hunting Kit Cost

The items listed above come to a grand total of $733. Click each picture to be taken to Amazon’s website and yes, these are affiliate links where I earn a portion of your purchase.

All items can be found on amazon except for the specialty items SB1 Grid Box and the SBox Spirit Box which can be found by clicking on the GhostStop  ads.

These are the EXACT tools you used while on my tour and the same tools that I find effective. As I update my kit for my guests to use, this page will be updated with some of the items listed below. They are the upgrades to the items listed above.

Upgraded Ghost Hunting Equipment

The TriField EMF Meter

This EMF detector will allow the user to toggle between manmade EMF readings and natural EMF readings. This is a great feature when you are exploring locations that may have live wiring or is currently lived in with electronic items. It reduces debunking when gaging EMF since you can eliminate all electronic EMF.

This TriField EMF Meter runs $169.99

Multi-Channel Digital Voice Recorder

Any multi-channel digital voice recorder will give the user the ability to further investigate any EVPs by separating sound frequencies using sound analyzation software.
The digital voice recorder shown, the Olympus LS-100 model, runs $279.99

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